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Talking about what will happen to our body after death requires that we openly acknowledge we will die someday.

Yet the fact remains that making the decision now whether to be buried or cremated can save your family from some discomfort and potential disharmony when you die. And making these decisions now could also bring a sense of relief, and an inspiration to live every day to the fullest.

Why Do It
1. Your body will be buried or cremated according to your wishes.
2. Your family won’t have to make these decisions for you under pressure.
3. You and your family could save money by pre-planning for the care of your body.

If You Don’t
1. Your family will have to face these decisions immediately after your death, when they may be experiencing time pressure and emotional discomfort.
2. There could be disagreements among family members about how your body should be handled and where your final remains will be placed.
3. Your family could end up spending much more money than you feel is necessary or appropriate.

Issues Related to the Body
Burial or cremation
Caskets and urns
Final location of the body
Funeral home services
Markers and the epitaph
Organ, tissue, and whole body donation