DeathWise In The News

End Of Life Tech Companies Grow With Changes In Death Traditions

By Jaweed Kaleem
Huffington Post

That kind of planning and discussion is the goal of Silicon Valley’s DeathWise. A nonprofit that was launched three years ago by a group of tech execs who thought people in their industries weren’t speaking enough about the end of life, it spreads its message via bookclubs, presentations, yoga classes, social media and online campaigns.

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Healthcare’s Latest Conversation

By Dan Munro

“Today, we’re better informed, and we have new tools to help us with many aspects of our health care – including how we choose to die. Several sites already exist to help with end-of-life planning – Deathwise and Engage With Grace to name two – and a new one – The Conversation Project just launched this week.”

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By Patricia Salber

For most of us, talking about death doesn’t come easily. Yet, it’s something we all experience — the loss of those we know and love, and ultimately, our own death - quote from

In this wonderful age of digital empowerment, we can now take charge of many things that we used to have to depend on others to do for us. Examples include booking vacations and managing our investment portfolios. Now, there is a website, DeathWise, that can help you manage your death–well, not exactly your death, rather the planning for your death. This can mean the difference between an orderly exit or one that leaves your family and friends combing through your papers and guessing your wishes.

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Health Matters: Entrepreneur wants to open up the conversation about death

Interview by LJ Anderson
Mercury News

Anne Bonaparte keeps a sign on her desk that reads “Communicate.” It serves as a daily reminder of her late father, who kept the same sign on his desk throughout his life. It’s also a visible reminder of her father’s core value, communication, and one whose importance has been passed on to his daughter.

In part, as a result of her father’s legacy, Bonaparte has spent her professional life team-building and finding ways to communicate effectively. No topic is off-limits to Bonaparte, so it is not surprising that she is bringing what she describes as “our last taboo” — death — into the open as well.

Bonaparte is founder of DeathWise® (, a website with resources designed to help individuals and their loved ones better prepare for death. Palo Alto-born Bonaparte is also an experienced technology executive who has founded and led several companies. She is CEO and president of Mountain View-based Xora, Inc., and has a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard University.

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