Chart Your Course

Use the Map Tool make and record end-of-life decisions, whether for yourself, a family member, or a friend.

You’ll be able to monitor your progress step by step, see what you’ve achieved, and keep track of issues or decisions that still need attention.

Use the Map Tool to create a Personal Map for yourself, a family member or friend.

Here are the four steps:
1. Set up a new account.
2. Make and document decisions.
3. Create and print a Decision Summary Report you can share with others.
4. Record important information on personal worksheets.

The Personal Map is a valuable tool for clarifying end-of-life decisions and desires.

The Personal Worksheets consolidate account and contact details for financial information, healthcare providers, burial or cremation arrangements, the funeral or memorial service, and emotional support teams.

Using the Map Tool is the most important step you can take to begin and complete your end-of-life planning. The Map Tool has been designed to gently guide you through the entire process.

Click here to take a look at the tool, and then get started!