Talking About Death

“My daughter and I both used the DeathWise® Map Tool. It got us talking about what will happen when I die. We reviewed my finances and healthcare wishes. I discovered how important it was to her to have a memorial service after I die. It’s not a conversation we’d ever had before, and we both felt better afterwards.” —JPB

Showing Up

“When our neighbor’s son died suddenly, I didn’t know what to do to help the family. Being reminded to ‘be present’ and not worry about trying to say or do the exact right thing helped me a lot. I made my favorite casserole and just showed up. That felt good, and I could see it was really appreciated by the family. Now I get it that even if you can’t alleviate people’s pain in that situation, you can give them something not-painful to go along with it.” —Mary Frances Allen

Practical Advice

“When my best friend’s mother began to get close to death due to Alzheimer’s, I told her about DeathWise® and she immediately said, ‘I need their help.’ DeathWise® provided her with practical advice that she shared with her family to improve the decision making process and the family dynamic.” —Alex Gerson

Offering Support

“When our dear friend’s daughter died in a car accident, we didn’t know what to do. We were grateful for the suggestions from DeathWise® on how we could best support the family.” —Ms. Martin