How to Make Your Decisions

Planning ahead for death is a very significant gift you can give to your family and to yourself.

For your family, it means that they won’t have to try to figure out what you “would have wanted” during the emotional days and weeks after your death.

For yourself, it means that you’ve paused long enough to consider what you really do want to happen at the end of your life. You’ve thought through the issues related to your death, made the necessary decisions, and taken action to set your desires in motion.

By going through this process, you can become wiser about death, more appreciative of life, and better prepared to live each day more fully.

What You’ll Do

We’re ready to guide you through the planning process, to answer your basic questions, and to refer you to experts when you need their assistance. You’ll work through the five major topics related to end-of-life planning: financial records, healthcare decisions, care of the body, the funeral or memorial service, and finding emotional support.

Let’s Get Started

1. If you have specific questions, you can create a customized Quick Answer Report. You’ll get one-paragraph answers with links to more detailed information.

2. Use the Map Tool to navigate your way through the many details related to end-of-life planning. You can create a Personal Map that records your decisions and generates a Decision Summary for your records and to share with others.

3. Learn how to create Connections and build a support team that can give you advice, assistance and encouragement, both now and at the end of your life.