Help A Friend Plan

Many people find it easier to sort out their thoughts and feelings about death by talking with someone they feel close to and trust.

If you’ll be the person responsible for someone’s care if they become incapacitated or expect to take care of the details when they die, it is extremely valuable for you to walk them through the process of pre-planning while they are still able to make decisions.

Even if you won’t be the one responsible for their needs, encouraging and helping with pre-planning is a great gift to them and to their family members, who might otherwise be overwhelmed by decisions and details at the time of death.

What You’ll Do

One of the most important things you can do is to let them talk. It may take time for them to work through their thoughts and emotions. Listen patiently as they express their feelings about death.

If they seem stuck on a specific point, you could gently review the alternatives. That might be enough to help them make a decision. Or move on to a new topic, and come back when there is more comfort with the decision-making process for that topic.

You can also help them locate important documents, gather and compile information about their bank accounts, safe deposit box, life insurance, medical providers, and other financial and healthcare details.

Get Started Now

1. If the person you’re assisting wants more information on any topic, you can create a customized Quick Answer Report with answers to their immediate questions.

2. As a part of the planning process, you can create a Personal Map for them using the Map Tool, and then print a Decision Summary for their records.

3. Help them make Connections to friends, family members and service providers who can become their support team at the end of life.